First of all Government Ministry/ Department / Government Company they published tender in our National Newspaper in notice they will write date of  Pre-bid meeting and last date of submission .Required bid bond amount

There are 2 Type of Tender

  1. International competitive Bidding (ICB), it means only Foreign company who is manufacturers or their Authorized  trading company in foreign 
  2. Being a government Ministry/ Department / Government Company with tender they needs Bid Bond In their tender notice they mention bid bond amount. With tender you have to submit Bid bond Bank guarantee as per their notice


You must have to fill below firms

1Bid Submission Form

  1. Bidder’s Information Form
  2. Joint Venture Information Form if needed joint venture
  3. Financial Situation Form
  4. Average Annual Turnover Form
  5. Financial Resources Form
  6. Pending Litigation Form
  7. Specific Experience Form

9 Price Schedule

10 If you are not Manufacturer’s Authorization Letter

11 Delivery and Completion Schedule [

12 Technical Specifications must be “FULLY COMPLIANT write in your letter pad

13 Bid Bond

14 Commission to Local Agent by Supplier

15 Ellabell certificate (SELF DECLARETATION)

16 Your company registrations certificate

17 Your company Tax registrations certificate

18 Required Quality certificate

19 Your company last 3 years Balance sheet

20 3 no End user certificate double Quantity of tender

21 Last 5 years you byers list and quantity and their contract address and tel no and Email ID 

22 Payment Terms  Most department do By Irrevocable confirmed site L/C 70 % against dispatch document and 30% after received of material inspection they realized. No advance payment and no change in payment system because this is government dealing as per government law they give payment


Qualification Criteria SEE IN TENDER DOCUMENT

  1. If Bidder is Manufacturer:
    (i) Financial Capacity: This is written in tender Document

(ii) Experience and Technical Capacity: : This is written in  tender Document

With tender you have to submit above document and required Bid bond Bank Guarantee

If your company win the tender then in agreement time you have to give 5% of your quoted amount PERFORMANCE BANK Guarantee. After agreement they realized your Bid bond Bank Guarantee. After finish of Guarantee period they realized your PERFORMANCE BANK Guarantee


1 When they published tender in Newspaper we will inform to you, and we will send you Tender document

2 We will buy tender document paying their required Amount ,and we will send you full detail list and format in Word file as per that you have to arrange document we will collect you Bid bond from your advisory Bank in Nepal and we will submit your tender to concern department by Electronic and Hard copy

3 If you get tender in this case we will do agreement on behalf of your company

4 You have to ship material from your see port after then we will clear Goods from KOLKOTA INDIA port and clear custom, in KOLKOTA Port and INDO NEPAL INDIAN custom again and Clear NEPAL CUSTOM and delivery goods to concern Department  and Inspection also and realized your final payment  

Our company cannot meet BIDDER Qualification Criteria so we cannot participate in tender.