Our area of operation as defined in company registration includes three types of services that we offer to our  clients worldwide. These services are exclusive to clients discretion which will be followed by an agreement from both parties prior to beginning any business.

Local Agent / Representation

First of our service that we offer to our clients is representation ,wherein we will be representing the principle company for entire Nepal market and as and when related government tenders are published we will keep the principle company informed with all required information and after we get a go ahead from the principle company we proceed to buy the tender forms on behalf of our principle company. To participate in any government tenders, every foreign companies will have to appoint a local representative in Nepal. Apart from the tender participation, any other direct or indirect sales to Nepal market will have to be done through us (appointed agent).


In some cases where the quantity of the products to be supplied are lesser than the minimum export quantity that the principle company deals with, we purchase the product directly from the principle company and retail them in Nepal market. About retailing terms and condition ,it would depend on relation between principle company and agent i.e. if that is a first time dealing or if we are already in business.

Agreement between two parties are drafted only after both the company decides on commission details, responsibility boundary , duration etc.